Qualified and guaranteed tenants at no cost to the landlord!!

We market to over 15 million tenants per month to find quality residents for properties like yours. Our patented systems allow us to guarantee our Tenants performance under your lease. We put the power of the internet to work for your property. In the event one of our tenants defaults on your lease, we will pay one month's rent as a reimbursement guarantee to the Landlord. Fill your property with good people who will pay their rent. We will also guarantee the replacement of any tenant at the end of their lease or upon default.

Attention Landlords!
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Your property will experience dramatic increases in income, occupancy and value!!

You will experience increases in collections and protection with our service and protection plans over your current security deposit system.

You will also experience decreases in your tenant default rates when you apply our collections management systems.

FreeTenant.com provides patented landlord service and protection systems that are guaranteed. Our comprehensive national background, credit, criminal and eviction investigation is combined with a complete analysis of the prospective tenants historical data and tendencies. In the event of a breach or default of the lease by one of our supplied tenants, we will pay an amount up to one month's rent as our service and protection plan reimbursement guarantee.

This guarantee will be paid directly to the landlord. No catch, no gimmicks!! We will also replace the tenant at no charge. We will then pursue the tenant for collection of the entire loss through our nationwide collections platform.

All of these services at no cost to the landlord.