How the System Works

  1. Membership Application – The Landlord or authorized agent completes our Membership Application free of charge. This will allow the Landlord to have access to our services. This will also enable us to properly monitor any properties and tenants owned or managed by the Landlord.
  2. Landlord Membership Agreement – The Landlord will execute our agreement free of charge, establishing the details of each new move in.
  3. Monthly Payment – It is our intention to make our payment system as easy as possible for the Landlord. Our representative will customize our payment system with the Landlord to coincide with the Landlord's rental payment system. The Landlord's financial function within these systems is to administer and facilitate the monthly payment from the Tenant to FreeTenant. The Tenant will pay the initial fee and the monthly payment directly to the Landlord along with their monthly rental payment. To forward the monthly payment to FreeTenant the Landlord can use our preferred billing system where we provide free monthly billing services via email or by PayPal online with your credit/debit card or Echeck.

Service and Protection Plan - Our Protection For the Landlord

Replacement Guarantee – In the event of Tenant default or move out the Tenant will be replaced by FreeTenant at no charge to the Landlord.

Customized Marketing System – Whether you have 1 vacancy or 268, we have the solution. We can put the power of the internet to work for your property. Upon request your National Consultant will devise a marketing plan for you to fill your property up with quality Tenants.

Reimbursement Guarantee – In the event of a FreeTenant Tenant default, we will reimburse the Landlord up to one months rent as our reimbursement guarantee. This simplifies and eliminates the need for security deposits.

Collections Management

  1. Individualized Collections Systems – We provide a systematic and aggressive approach to collections that the Landlord can adopt within their own systems. This includes free forms and systems. Please go to Collections Management for details.
  2. At no charge to the Landlord, we will pursue collections on any defaulting FreeTenant Tenant using our Nationwide Collections Platform for as long as necessary. We follow all State and Federal Laws in our collections process. Our web based platform is a simple and easy to use system with no software to buy. Our licensed and insured nationwide collection partners include a network of attorneys that cover all 3,124 counties that make up the United States. We also have attorneys on staff. Once a Tenant defaults on the Landlord our collections process will begin. The Landlord will be assigned a login ID and a password which will allow the Landlord access to our collections system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Landlord will also be assigned an individual Account Manager that will assist them in monitoring their collections cases.

As you can see, we have established a comprehensive platform of patented services that can solve the most critical problems facing the Landlord in today’s distressed market. These services are all free of charge and are designed to help the Tenant as well as the Landlord. So, lets get started!